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そこには 泣いた分の笑顔が待ってる - 赤西 仁

for every tear cried there is a smile waiting - Akanishi Jin

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Who is Ivonne?

Name: Lenka
Born: Pribram, Czech Republic
Currently living in: Pribram
Hight: 160 cm
Weight: unsuitable XD
Occupation: UNI student majoring KOREAN
Kanji name given by a friend: 愛花 [REN KA]
Hangeul name given by a friend: 현아 [clever kid]
Family: Dad, mom, 2x sisters and grannies
Loves: sleeping, daydreaming, reading, playing Final Fantasy games, drooling over asian hotties - real or pixels makes no diffrence XD
Can´t stand: malicious gossip, people who can´t be objective, false friends, being lied to because poeple thinks I can´t take the truth

+ friendly?, keep promises, somebody wanna add more? XD
- 99,9% negative person >_<, I tend to pity my own self, I expect the same ammount of energy from friends that I devote to them because hell friendship is MUTUAL matter

Interests and activities

Right now on fangirling hiatus, more or less :(
mod of koyashigedake, finalfanfiction
created Kei-chan NEWS subbing team -> ARCHIVE ON MY LJ
likes to read and share awesome fanfics -> PIMP LIST ON MY LJ
random spammer with caps and fangirling -> BE AWARE ON MY LJ

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