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08 March 2015 @ 10:27 pm
okimiyage´s layout, usercustomized header ^^

Hi people!

This account is officially over ^^ Will keep it but I continue here on LJ under ippeun_nuna.

Ivonne ˇˇ
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11 September 2011 @ 12:54 pm
I am thinking about deleting one of my LJ accounts. Either this one or ippeun_nuna. Are there people from my past here on ivonnegruder who'd follow me to ippeun_nuna? Because that account is now more vivid and active for me than ivonnemcgruder. I feel like I lost so many of you just becuase I stopped participating in japanese fandoms....
Everyone is still in touch from the group of people I spent my last autumn and winter with...these that never invited me once after I found a boyfriend, met him, and after our break up kept inviting him but never me again. I repel people... I think I was born with it. Don't take it wrong, I like having my time for myself and I am happy to have these few school friends that stick with me, just sometimes it hunts me and makes me sad for a while. I guess it's today -sighs-

I hardly go online nowadays. After finishing my exams I kind of read book after book, watch series and movies and play games anytime I am free. I somehow naturally avoids anything that has something to do with Korea too. Songs, language, movies, but foods XD I am cooking korean meals quite frequently XD

Weird that it's a group of Korean people who made me feel alone and pushed away today once again. I think I am sick... is it sick to want to feel...missed?