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I am thinking about deleting one of my LJ accounts. Either this one or ippeun_nuna. Are there people from my past here on ivonnegruder who'd follow me to ippeun_nuna? Because that account is now more vivid and active for me than ivonnemcgruder. I feel like I lost so many of you just becuase I stopped participating in japanese fandoms....
Hell yeah! XD

Everyone is still in touch from the group of people I spent my last autumn and wither with...

Everyone is still in touch from the group of people I spent my last autumn and winter with...these that never invited me once after I found a boyfriend, met him, and after our break up kept inviting him but never me again. I repel people... I think I was born with it. Don't take it wrong, I like having my time for myself and I am happy to have these few school friends that stick with me, just sometimes it hunts me and makes me sad for a while. I guess it's today -sighs-

I hardly go online nowadays. After finishing my exams I kind of read book after book, watch series and movies and play games anytime I am free. I somehow naturally avoids anything that has something to do with Korea too. Songs, language, movies, but foods XD I am cooking korean meals quite frequently XD

Weird that it's a group of Korean people who made me feel alone and pushed away today once again. I think I am sick... is it sick to want to feel...missed?

Men that ruled my hormones nowadays *_*


Yeah, saw HP 7 and I am re-watching Gilmore Girl's... Rupert Grint's  sex movie Cherrybomb and the HP movies made me again fall for this charismatic boys. I mean....wrau!! And Milo Ventimiglia in his GG Jess character is the awesomest spice of the whole show. Pity that he's got only one series full season with the show :( And shoot...I like Gilmore Girls a lot but I never get how could the girl NOT SLEEP with Jess :P

Ok, and to close up my non-asian present time, these two are ruling my heart nowadays :P They are just so cute together in the Merlin show XD XD

Seems like my mind wanna be free of Asia for a while. I wont force it... I know it will come back to me naturally again :)

Hell yeah! XD

Panic like sh**

Exactly one week to go before my final state exams. I didn't get the evaluation of my thesis yet either.
I am getting really scared.

They say one thing... once you get to the exam they don't kick you out. Our teachers said, that if they though we are not to make it they wouldn't let us sign up for it. NO ONE EVER FAILED it on Korean studies before, that's what they say.

I am so afriad I will be the first one >_<
I study hours everyday, but I still know so little... I can't remember all the KIM writers, and now I started with history which means much more KIM's to go.... -sighs-

I know that I don't need to be 100% to pass, but... will what I manage to remember (which seems to be so little brain is drained) enough to pass with C which is the last mark that means PASS?

Panic, seriously, panic!


Meet my thesis


And guess what. Finally I really found the way how to ninja in HIS way in!! XD

Big bang and Choi Seung-hyun XD aka. T.O.P!! XD

So yep friends, my thesis is now being evaluated and I have 16 days to revise all that I've learned in past 4 years. I forgot most of the vocabulary, which will be THE KILL. But it's a final run. I have to be strong!

My korean ex...

is coming back to Prague. He missed everyone so much, according to his facebook. Cool. To me he didn't even say goodbye when he was leaving months ago. And I shouldn't probably know that he is getting back either...

Love sucks...


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Ok guys,

85/100 points

I am on MA degree program if I decide to go after all in October

It's not likely though

Much less after I spoke with ... yeah, awesome pronunciation but so bad in grammar and I lacked vocabulary. I paniced when the korean teacher asked me about how many people saw The Host movie >_< Say 13 000 000 in Korean?! Damn, not even if I turn doctor of korean studies. Funny is, that when I asked people outside they made the same mistake XD Because hey, it's so stupid to say it as THOUSAND THREE HUNDERDS TEN THOUSANDS XD

Anyway, 85/100 is still not that bad. Though when I was in Korea, they said it's terrible result O.o Koreans!

Never mind. I am in if I wanted.



Updates on one shaky life

Wow, I am here and again I won't speak about anything else but school XD BUT! Only for a little while my friends!

Head professor of the Korean studies told me that I actually surprised everyone with such a great thesis. Even my leading professor told her he never saw so well thought-through thesis from student. He meant when he received the work for the first time from the student. Well, knowing that made me feel better, energized and I think I gained back some of my confidence. Pity he couldn't tell me straight. Naah, never mind. He told me today that he agrees with most of the thesis and he will send me only some grammar corrections. That means only one thing my friends, I AM GRADUATING UNIVERSITY ON 27TH of June 2011!

Well, I don't want to study anymore at the university. I just learned it's not my thing. But, to prevent any regrets, I am having an MA degree studies entrance exam tomorrow. Only if by any chance I changed my mind till October, when the uni starts again. I heard it's only about speaking in Korean with our Korean teachers about what you wanna do with MA degree, so I should pass with flying colours. Speaking with natives is my thing, they are all high-on-heels over my pronunciation. Lol, thanks to K POP *_*

I set up my mind. I aim for getting some easy job in Korea and live there for a while. That's my first aim after graduation. It'll be hard, cause I need to find a way how to secure myself there until I find a job. I though about getting scholarship since I'll officially be graduate
student of uni, but... listen, this made me really angry...

I understand you need to prove your English skills for entering university abroad when you're not native. But hell, why do they accept only AMERICAN ENGLISH CERTIFICATIONS? I have the Cambridge one, so they told me that I either pay another test to get AE cert. or I can't apply for uni scholarship in Korea.

So, I am not paying another thousands korunas for getting yet another certification. And I'd have to study my ass of for it, cause my English level turned shit again. Not to mention, that I would use the university only for few months until getting the job and than I'd run away from there.

Getting job will be pretty harsh though. Koreans hate to give working visa to foreigners unless they are USA or Australia native to teach English.


You know how I feel?